Manufacturing Process

Each ornament is handcrafted using centuries old processes that require 5 days to complete.   A team of crafters skilled in glassblowing and hand painting contribute their time, dedication and talents to our collection.

On the first day of production, the glassblower creates the ornament using clear tempered glass from Germany, which is preferred for its notable strength.  Our ornaments are either free-blown or mould-blown.  Some of the clay moulds date back to 1922.

Each ornament is then silvered by hand using traditional mirroring techniques, swilling the inside with a silver-nitrate/sugar based solution which, upon evaporation, deposits silver on to the warm glass.

On the second day of the production, a base coat of lacquer is hand applied either by dipping the silvered ornament in a pool of paint or by hand spraying.  Each ornament is dried naturally and must be completely dry before moving to the next stage.

On the third and fourth days, the fine details are hand painted on to each ornament in layers and painters must wait for each layer to dry before applying a next one. Some of the ornaments may be decorated with custom feathers, crystals and beads, all of which are sourced from the finest European manufacturers.  It is a slow process but it is worth the wait – the small touches that create the charming variations in each ornament ensure no two ornaments are ever exactly alike and this adds to the uniqueness of your special keepsake.

On the fifth and final day, ornaments are inspected to ensure the highest standards and a silver or gold topper crown is put in place. The ornament is then carefully individually wrapped in a protective tissue paper and shipped out to its new home.